GTB Cryptocurrency

The World Largest Blockchain Discount Credit Issue Clearing Organization
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GT DOLLAR is a preferential credit issuance and clearing platform that uses blockchain technology to secure the security of credit card GTB. The digital currency interaction between the affiliates and the members.

Digital Wallet & Digital Payment App

Allow users to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies, or use cryptocurrencies and legal currency for purchases. Users will be able to shop online through GTB, purchase movie tickets, book flights and more.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

GT DOLLAR’s AI brain is driven by the accumulation of big data on consumer e-commerce behavior in GT DOLLAR’s e-commerce ecosystem for many years.

Business Intelligence (BI)

GT DOLLAR can provide users/businesses with up-to-date analysis documents such as maintenance product reports, service sales reports, income, market reports, and consumer analysis

Customer Intelligence (CI)

GT DOLLAR’s platform and communication will be achieved through artificial intelligence (AI) brain + blockchain technology using the following big data: GT DOLLAR smart data cloud, BI Center and CI Centre

GTB Applications


GT digital payments allow anyone to trade faster, more efficiently, and more securely. GT digital payment technology can be embedded in many banking scenarios to improve transactions.

The Internet of Things:

Today’s Internet of Things (IoT) includes embedded GT digital payment software, internet connectivity and cars with various sensors, buildings, doorbells and refrigerators.


GT digital payment blockchain enables faster, safer and more reliable communication automation.

Crowdfunding and Charity Fundraising:

GT digital payment blockchain can help ensure your donation reaches where you need it.


For hospitals that collect private data for all patients, a secure platform is needed.

Leasing and Carpooling:

GT digital payment blockchain creates a distributed peer-to-peer carpool application that lets owners pay for parking fees, ERP gantry fees and fuel costs.

GTB Wallet App

GTB Wallet is a GTB public blockchain  mobile light-wallet, strives to provide a simple, secure and powerful digital asset management tool for users.

GTDOLLAR smart digital wallet app is available for free download on Android and iOS.

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GTB-Encrypted Digital Currency Eco-system

 Allows consumers to make digital payments in any currency, connecting companies and consumers.

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GTB Encrypted Digital Currecny Value

GTB-encrypted digital coins allow liquidation worldwide, regardless of location.

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Management Team

Dr. Paul Zhang


With more than 30 years of industry experience in technology management, economic and tourism development worldwide. Oversees the overall strategic direction of GT Group.

Ms. Gracemaple Kwok

Executive Director

She has an extensive experience in the strategic corporate restructuring, legal, investment, banking and finance sectors.

Mr. Chan Cheh Shin

Chief Strategy Director

With an extensive background in Global Fixed Income portfolios, Mr Chan brings a wealth of banking experience from ABN Amro and DBS and have managed Singapore’s largest global fixed income retail fund of SGD1.2 billion as well as other funds in Malaysia.

Mr. Eric Koh

CEO of CTM Cosmo Pte Ltd

CEO of CTM Cosmo Pte Ltd

Mr. Edmund Tan

VP, Banking Department

With more than 10 years of consumer banking experience from both local and foreign banks, Mr Tan is currently heading the Banking Department which manages Store Value card strategies in issuance.

Technical Team

Dr. Qiu Bo


 Leonardo Hao

VP, GT Robots

James Cao

Technical & Production Manager

Xie Chao

Senior Software Team Lead


Engineer Lead, Server Payment Department

Kang Xi

Software Engineer

Sun Zhong Wen

Software Engineer

Zhou QingWu

Software Engineer