GT Dollar Digital Wallet

GT DOLLAR Digital Wallet (Blockchain Technology)

GT DOLLAR uses a combination of Super Artificial Intelligence brain and blockchain technology. Through this human-computer interaction, it will provide safer and more accurate results when the digital wallet processes multiple currencies and cryptocurrencies. GT DOLLAR’s digital wallet is completely decentralized, and it handles orders based on blockchains. Users can submit their orders to participating nodes and broadcast them to all nodes. Orders will remain in the blockchain for public use, and each verification node can match orders with an efficient algorithm. The node will not create a new order to end the matching route and replace it. Anyone on the network can create new orders through his/her own algorithm to end the matching route and benefit from arbitrage.

GT Digital Wallet Overview

Uses super artificial intelligence brains integrated with blockchain technology. GT DOLLAR’s digital wallet provides safer and more accurate results when handling multiple user preferences and
handling multiple payment methods, currencies, and cryptocurrencies. E.g:

  •  Quick Payment: Users can use this feature to pay merchant directly.
  • QR Code Payment: An alternative payment option for users to make payment transactions.
  •  Transfer Function: Allow users/members to transfer money quickly and easily.
  •  Top Up Function: Provide users with multiple channels to easily recharge digital wallets.
  •  Split Billing Function: Enable user to split the bill.

GT DOLLAR virtual smart digital wallet is the main game changer. It enables users to use blockchain digital assets online and offline through smartphones or physical storage debit cards. The
GT DOLLAR smart digital wallet app is available for free download on Android and IOS. Once a user downloads the GT DOLLAR App, user can simply enter his/her phone number and email address to set up an account.

Multi-currency wallets are created automatically, and users can use different cryptocurrencies to recharge. The private key of each GT DOLLAR smart digital wallet is now protected with industrystandard hot and cold storage solutions.

The GTB cryptocurrency are require to be converted to fiat currency until the actual transaction occurs, in which case such conversions will occur in real time. Users can choose different blockchain digital assets as payment sources within the GT DOLLAR App. In addition, users can easily convert various blockchain digital assets (such as BTC, ETH, and DASH) from one to another using only his GT DOLLAR smart digital wallet.
Users can choose to order GT DOLLAR memory cards, virtual and/or physical debit cards directly within the GT DOLLAR App. We have a comprehensive KYC program to ensure that each applicant is properly validated.

Product Advantages:
  • Multi-asset (any blockchain digital asset that is compatible with and accepted by GTDOLLAR’s Virtual Smart Digital Wallet)
  • Assets base cryptocurrency
  • Best available foreign exchange and transaction fees (no other fees)
  •  Decentralized and Reliable Storage
  •  Approximately 36 million points accepted online and offline in nearly 200 countries around the world.
  • Suitable for Global Users
  • Integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Business Intelligence (BI (Commercial Artificial Intelligence and Customer Intelligence (CI) Technology.
  • Provide reward systems for various end-users: Business owners, merchants and users use GTB-encrypted digital currency in the GTDOLLAR system
  • Multiple currencies or digital currencies can be traded to our GTB-encrypted digital currency. In contrast, GTB-encrypted digital currency
Enhances the performance and security of GTB payment systems

GTB is currently the most widely used blockchain system. Compared with other system and system continuation concepts, the definition of GTB has always been focus, that is, the use of credit
payments as the most basic of all blockchain applications. Through years of development, it has surpassed the previous consensus in the society: The credit blockchain system lacks payment
capacity and its value will be greatly reduced. The so-called reputation is a concrete performance system based on “currency” or encrypted digital currency (through certificates). Therefore, we decided to continue to develop on the basis of GTB to improve it and reflect its value through certificates. GTDOLLAR believes that the value of certification lies in its payment settlement capability, which is the cornerstone of all blockchains based on application systems. Before GTB was designed, many of the attributes and functions of the set were experimentally more extensive. Based on this, GTDOLLAR decided to focus on payment and settlement functions, optimize and enhance performance and security, and start from two basic angles to create a high-performance secure payment system.

Payment properties

The most basic means of paying for the economy is to play a role in the transfer of credit value. The value of such credit may take many forms. The most important thing is to let the public recognize the value of collective support.
GTB as a new type of credit. The key goal of the protection network is to achieve the goal of being the preferred or default payment function. In this way, we can pass credits to each other in this network as a supplement to traditional and innovative payment instruments. At present, the internet capacity no longer satisfies the latest form of innovation, as there are always demand for better performance, better security and ability to meet the current capacity requirements. GTDOLLAR thinks there are many problems with the current payment and billing functions, such as

  • Long payment confirmation period after the transaction occurs (approximately 6 blockchain verifications are required to confirm a transaction)

GTDOLLAR considers this model to be unsatisfactory because micropayments are inconvenient for users, such as expanding and re-blocking data privacy issues, and limiting the total amount provided, which are required as mature payment systems.

GTDOLLAR considers payment systems that require long-term confirmation to be inappropriate. GTDOLLAR believes that the current payment system should use advanced technologies to increase and enhance the payment transaction network, such as 15 seconds of confirmation time is the recommended time.  GTDOLLAR reduces the acknowledgement time by deploying more nodes and meets the user’s demand for public transaction speed.

GTB network transmission combines the advantages of credit cards and GTB. While maintaining the characteristics of deflation, encrypted digital currency reserves are more abundant. This is not only a technical issue, but also of economic significance. It needs to pay for the cooperation of a good agency operation network, vendors, users and other parties. We believe that it is a social responsibility for the public to have a more uniform encrypted digital currency logo. GTB has set a 3 billion encrypted digital currency reserve to ensure that users can get enough supplies.


In the payment and settlement system, large-scale settlement has an absolute advantage; for smallscale payments, due to various cost constraints and some capacity limitations, small-sum payments are almost excluded, which is unfair to the public users. In the spirit of the central blockchain system, GTB has expanded its processing speed and capacity in various areas, leaving room for small payments.

Verify Flash Payment

Under the premise of quick payment, it will continue to support reliability verification. Flash memory implements second-level and pay-by-millisecond flash memory capabilities through punitive contracts and authentication mechanisms. Build a second-tier verification trust relationship in Borderless Network Payments to confirm the level of bank interest rates.

Multi-channel Expansion Payment

The traditional single-chain structure needs to maintain a single trunk channel, which limits the parallel processing capability. Based on the extensive deployment of nodes to obtain support for
multi-channel expansion, it is certain that more paid links will be generated in the node chain, and there can be multiple batches of transactions.

Confidential payment

The data public chain is open and transparent. However, commercial payments are not suitable. In many cases, the public has demonstrated the need and support for payment privacy protection, whether it is for digital wallet addresses or transaction information. It should support commercial encryption without affecting the verification transaction itself. GTDOLLAR will use similar technologies for system implementation.