GTB-encrypted digital currency ecosystem

The advent of the GTB-encrypted digital currency ecosystem has made it easier for consumers and businesses to trade globally. GTB-encrypted digital currency is an Internet transaction protocol voucher that allows consumers to make digital payments in any currency, connecting companies and consumers to implement a new generation of digital payments. Currently GTB-encrypted digital currency has been linked to millions of small businesses and plans to expand in the future. GTB encrypted digital currency is also a public database shared with others. It will grow into a global blockchain revenue and expenditure ledger. The consensus mechanism allows all computers in the GTB-encrypted digital currency network to automatically accept updates of general ledger information in seconds without going through the central data exchange. This processing speed is a major breakthrough for GTB-encrypted digital currency in digital payment technology. This means that GTB encrypted digital currency transaction confirmation time is only 3 to 5 seconds.

GTB Encrypted Digital Currency Value

GTB-encrypted digital coins allow liquidation worldwide, regardless of location. Today, GTB encrypted digital currency takes only a few seconds to complete the transfer process from consumer to small business accounts. This quick function is very useful in managing company’s daily transactions.

In order to ensure competitiveness, due to negligible transfer fees for GTB-encrypted digital currency, if your e-commerce company has a large amount of overseas business, cross-border transfers sometimes take 5 days, with an average transaction fee of 7%. Compared with GTB-encrypted digital currency, the transaction confirmation time is only 3 to 5 seconds, and the charge standard is extremely low or even zero

GT System and GTB Encrypted Digital Currency

A new generation of blockchain AI-based GT system acts as an intermediary. People can use a variety of currencies (either national currency or bitcoin) to conduct transactions, as long as both parties can transfer gateways with the same level of trust at the same time.

As a mobility tool in the GT system, GTB-encrypted digital currency is a linked currency or common mark that can freely circulate between arbitrary gateways. GTB encrypted digital currency also prevents spam requests and ensures the safe operation of the system.

How does the GT system work?

The work flow of the GT system is based on blockchain digital currency, but it is fundamentally different from other virtual currencies. GTB encrypted digital currency has the main link currency and security features in the GT system. GT system blockchain: The following type of system is called a blockchain – information is stored in many personal computer systems without middlemen; it is scattered and dispersed so that nobody can tamper with or destroy it; anyone This system can be used and operated because the information is protected by encryption. The overall structure of the GT system is “decentralized.” Although the parts seem to be “weakly concentrated” (such as gateways and users), the overall architecture is “scattered.” In short, this is a decentralized Internet financial trading system that includes blockchain technology that covers all currencies and all digital asset classes.

The GTB-encrypted digital currency protocol maintains a distributed public ledger for the entire network. The agreement has a “consensus mechanism” and “authentication mechanism.” Through these two mechanisms, transaction records are added to the general ledger in a timely manner. The GT system generates a new split account instance every few seconds. New transactions generated within these seconds can be quickly verified based on consensus and verification mechanisms. This sub-account is arranged in chronological order and linked together to form the general ledger of the GT digital payment system. The GT’s “consensus mechanism” allows all nodes in the system to automatically receive updates of general ledger transaction records within seconds without going through the central data processing center. This shortcut is a major breakthrough for the GT digital payment system.

GTB Application

Real time stats

GT digital payments allow anyone to trade faster, more efficiently, and more securely. GT digital payment technology can be embedded in many banking scenarios to improve transactions.


GT digital payment blockchain enables faster, safer and more reliable communication automation. “The blockchain has the ability to change the competitive environment, allowing more freedom of authorization in an automated environment, two-way communication and transactions, and the establishment of an unchangeable communications record.” This will greatly increase the security and reliability of our communications.


For hospitals that collect private data for all patients, a secure platform is needed. By introducing blockchain technology, hospitals and other healthcare organizations can use blockchain technology to encrypt and store medical records and databases, and only allow authorized doctors and patients to access them under sharing restrictions.

The Internet of Things

Today’s Internet of Things (IoT) includes embedded GT digital payment software, internet connectivity and cars with various sensors, buildings, doorbells and refrigerators. However, since these devices are operated by a central unit that handles communications, they are within the scope of traditional cyber hacking attacks. Blockchain technology are likely to address these important security problems because it will disperse all information and data. This is becoming more and more important as the Internet of Things increases in capabilities

Crowdfunding and Charity Fundraising

GT digital payment blockchain can help ensure your donation reaches where you need it.

Leasing and Carpooling

GT digital payment blockchain creates a distributed peer-to-peer carpool application that lets owners pay for parking fees, ERP gantry fees and fuel costs. Although blockchain is still a relatively new technology, the advantages and innovations of blockchain technology in this field are limitless because the confirmation time of GT digital payment transaction records only takes about 3 to 5 seconds.

GTB Encrypted Digital Currency System Security

Using advanced encryption technology in the GT digital payment blockchain to verify and encrypt all data to prevent unauthorized tampering and hacking. With a blockchain distributed system, all data is stored in the cloud with enhanced encryption to prevent attacks. Blockchain distributed systems are more secure and better because central servers are prone to data loss, corruption, human error, and hacker attacks.

GTB Encrypted Digital Currency Investment Value

Similar to other virtual currencies, GTB-encrypted digital coins are based on blockchain digital currency technology. However, they are fundamentally different from other virtual currencies. GT digital payment has the main link currency and security features in the system.