GT Dollar Introduction

GT DOLLAR Introduction

Singapore’s GT DOLLAR is a global preferential credit distribution clearing trading platform. The new generation of global digital payment companies. Headquartered in Singapore, GT DOLLAR has several regional offices in the Asia Pacific region. It is one of the GT Group’s sub-business units (GT Robot GT Insurance, GT Payment, GT Smart City, GT Smart Car and GT Mobile Phone). It is
determined to promote the universal standard blockchain digital currency protocol for GTB-encrypted digital currency in the world, making digital money transfer reasonable and convenient. GT DOLLAR is also a preferential credit issuance and settlement platform that uses blockchain technology to ensure GTB secure transactions.


GT DOLLAR has more than 80 million global searches. Using BI (Commercial Artificial Intelligence) CI and GT cloud big data, it has been used by over one million merchants. GT DOLLAR provides credit ratings and issuance settlements, emphasizing digital currency interactions between alliance merchants and members. GT DOLLAR’s system leverages its super artificial intelligence (AI),
business intelligence (BI (commercial artificial intelligence) and customer intelligence (CI) to provide users with more digital assets through digital transactions and business activities. GT DOLLAR is a one-stop service platform that leverages Blockchain technology creates the world’s largest discount credit GTB transaction.

GT DOLLAR has established a comprehensive blockchain system that implements the blockchain AI commercial digital asset center. Its virtual smart digital wallet and digital payment mobile payment applications encourage zero cash free transactions, and the market searches more than 80,000 merchant products and services worldwide.

GT DOLLAR uses super artificial intelligence (AI), business intelligence (BI (Commercial Artificial Intelligence and Customer Intelligence (CI)) in its ecosystem, provides affordable high quality
hardware for everyone, and adds innovative software solutions to Pursuing the realization of a smart country.

GT DOLLAR is a discount credit issuer and liquidator who uses artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to implement preferential credit-money safe transactions. GT DOLLAR strives to digitally interact with members through merchants. The GT DOLLAR ecosystem is backed by a super artificial intelligence brain that enables BI (Commercial Artificial Intelligence) and CI to perform digital transactions for the production and storage of digital assets. GT DOLLAR uses its Big Data and GT cloud systems to receive more than 1 million merchants.

GT DOLLAR uses data from AI, BI (Commercial Artificial Intelligence) and CI, and applies it to the platform through blockchain technology, establishing the world’s first virtual smart digital wallet. By connecting artificial intelligence (AI), business intelligence (BI) and consumer intelligence (CI) to our ecosystem, the user experience of merchants and consumers has been greatly improved.
GT DOLLAR has been promoted as an independent payment system. The online payment success rate and transaction amount.And GT DOLLAR can cover a wider audience and is costeffective.
GTDOLLAR strives to provide users with flexible and comprehensive payment, because GT DOLLAR’s goal is to become the advanced AI and blockchain technology The world’s largest discount e-commerce and credit settlement platform.

Comprehensive Payment Services with Worldwide Business Coverage

GT DOLLAR provides customer payment solutions for 80 currencies in more than 100 countries and supports multiple languages to assist merchants in e-commerce expansion.

Mobile App & E-Store

GT DOLLAR App is suitable for all industries providing smart services in a minute.

SWOT Analysis

GT DOLLAR Eco-System 

GT DOLLAR Ecosystem is a smart digital wallet and digital payment app that encourages zero cash for free transactions. It can connect to a wide range of market search products and provide services. This market product has more than 80,000 merchants worldwide. GT DOLLAR uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in its ecosystem to provide affordable, high-quality hardware for everyone and adds innovative software solutions.

GT DOLLAR is also a credit issuer and clearing, using artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to achieve preferential credit-money security transactions. GT DOLLAR aims to digitize the interaction between members. The GT DOLLAR ecosystem is powered by Super Artificial Intelligence, which enables BI (Commercial Artificial Intelligence) (and CI to perform digital transactions to enable the production of digital assets. GT DOLLAR uses its Big Data and GT cloud systems to receive more than 1 million e-commerce applications.

GT DOLLAR integrated its super AI brain technology and blockchain technology into the platform and uses AI and blockchain technology to create the world’s first virtual smart digital wallet. GT DOLLAR also associates business intelligence (BI) consumer intelligence (CI) with our ecosystem because we believe this will greatly increase the user experience for merchants and consumers.

Adding AI, blockchain technology, virtual digital wallets, business intelligence and CI to our ecosystem. GT DOLLAR aims to become the world’s largest discount e-commerce and credit
settlement platform, with advanced AI and blockchain technology.

GT DOLLAR plans to design a unique business ecosystem supported by GT DOLLAR’s Big Data, Cloud Systems, Ultra Artificial Intelligence Brain Technology and Blockchain Technology. GT DOLLAR
believes this will create unlimited and borderless e-commerce opportunities and activities. In the GT DOLLAR platform, it allows other currencies or digital currencies to trade with GTB tokens. GTB encrypted digital currency can be traded with other currencies on GT DOLLAR’s exchange. The workflow of the GT system is based on the mathematics of digital currency called blockchain, but it is fundamentally different from other virtual currencies.

GTB encrypted digital currency has the main link currency and security features in the GT system. GT system blockchain – This type of system is called a blockchain: Information is stored in many personal computer systems, no middlemen; it is separate and dispersed, no one can tamper with or destroy it;

However, anyone can use and operate this system because the information is protected by encryption.

The overall system of the GT system adopts a “decentralized” structure. Although the parts seem to be “weakly concentrated” (such as gateways and users), the overall architecture is “scattered.” In short, this is a decentralized Internet financial trading system that includes blockchain technology that covers all currencies and all digital asset classes. The GTB-encrypted digital currency protocol maintains a distributed public ledger for the entire network. The agreement has a “consensus mechanism” and “authentication mechanism.” Through these two mechanisms, transaction records are added to the general ledger in a timely manner.

The GT system generates a new split account instance every few seconds. New transactions generated within these seconds can be quickly verified based on consensus and verification
mechanisms. This sub-account is arranged in chronological order and linked together to form the general ledger of the GT digital payment system. The GT’s “consensus mechanism” allows all nodes in the system to automatically receive updates of general ledger transaction records within seconds without going through the central data processing center. This shortcut is a major breakthrough for the GT digital payment system.

GT DOLLAR’s GTB consumption is divided into 4 key phases:

1. Normal Consumption: Food, Hotels, Services, Tickets, Utilities
2. Business Intelligence(BI) Business Intelligence Reports: Products/Services, Sales Data, Revenue Data, Market Analysis, Market Classification, etc.
3. Customer Intelligence(CI): Consumer feedback, SEO, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, influence groups, etc.
4. Classification of Reward Mechanisms: All end users (including owners and customers) will use GTB-encrypted digital currency to reward the GTDOLLAR ecosystem. The GTDOLLAR Super AI system will match all requests.

E-commerce and Consumption

The GT DOLLAR ecosystem enables users to search approximately 80 million merchants worldwide, and it directly covers more than 2.8 million registered merchants worldwide. GT DOLLAR’s customized payment solutions support up to 80 currencies and multiple languages in more than 100 countries. Therefore, e-commerce and consumer spending are the key foundations in the GT DOLLAR ecosystem because merchants, users, and consumers will use the GT DOLLAR platform and GTB- encrypted digital coins to trade the services or products they purchase.

GT DOLLAR E-commerce Ecosystem Process


GT DOLLAR One-Stop Service Platform

GT DOLLAR Closed Loop E-commerce Ecosystem

In the GT DOLLAR E-Commerce Ecosystem, GT DOLLAR leverages its Big Data, Ultra-Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies to leverage the results of integrated AI, BI (Commercial Artificial Intelligence) and CI data, enabling encrypted digital currency holders Ability to become a content producer.

Through this ecosystem, encrypted digital currency holders can also purchase in services, products, utilities, insurance, and many other systems.