Three application of GTB

Three application of GTB

July 12, 2018 Block-chain News GTB News 0

Three application scenarios of GTB

  • The Game Market Payment

    At the listing site, GTB and Singapore International Auction Co., Ltd. signed on-site cooperation, which brought convenience and convenience to buyers in paying large collections, which enabled high-end industries and high-end people to recognize GTB. It also means that major collectors highly recognize GTB payments.

    (GTB signed an on-site contract with Singapore International Auction Co., Ltd. to accept GTB payment)
    GTB also signed a strategic cooperation with Zhibo APP to combine the advanced technology of GT Group in technology and VR with the professional ability of Zhibo in e-sports games, with the intention of launching a new round of esports game VR boom, and GTB will be among them. Playing the role of payment circulation means that the majority of game players recognize the acceptance of GTB payments, thus making GTB a place in the game payment market.

    GTB has already implemented the application scenarios of buying cars, jewelry and medical care in Thailand. In South Korea, more than 100 plastic surgery institutions have supported GTB payments and enjoyed corresponding discounts. In Philippine Philippines, the four major BC Groups can directly use GTB to exchange chips. Future GTB will also expand more application scenarios.

  • International trade and commodity anti-counterfeiting traceability

    GTB adopts the public-chain pass-through mechanism and utilizes the feature that the blockchain cannot be tampered once it is recorded. Consumers only need to pick up the mobile phone to scan the QR code of the product using the GTB blockchain anti-counterfeiting technology, and a certain number of GTBs will be obtained. Use this to verify that the item is genuine.
    GTB and Shanxi Yongning Wine Industry reached a strategic cooperation to provide Yongning Wine Industry with the support of blockchain anti-counterfeiting technology and realized the technological breakthrough of Yongning Wine’s products in the anti-counterfeiting traceability of goods, which greatly avoided consumers’ purchase of counterfeit and shoddy goods. It has a negative impact on the brand image of Yongning Wine, and restores the losses caused by counterfeit products to help companies create higher performance.

  • Not only the wine industry, but in the future, GTB will cooperate with business owners in the hardest hit areas of other counterfeit goods, and strive to purify the market environment, create a market environment that allows consumers to purchase with confidence, and realize the social vision of transparent product sources.


  • Financial and cross-border clearing areas

    The GTB blockchain network implements distributed cross-border clearing payments. GTB is used in the securities investment industry. Global free trade can realize the purchase of securities stocks of any exchange in the world without intermediary agents. Real-time arrival can enable investors to quickly seize the dividends in securities investment and avoid risks early. Allow investors to make more money in their investments.

  • Not only that, GTB has a complete ecological chain, including business cooperation, trading systems, payment tools and e-commerce platform as its support, will provide users with consumer, financial, shopping, travel, entertainment, smart city, digital asset trading and other life. The solution provides a one-stop solution. GTB blockchain network is a real blockchain 3.0, which is considered to be the model of “blockchain + real economy”. It is one of the few basic public chains with international trade application scenarios and support in the world, in market value and use. Value will surpass blockchain 1.0 for Bitcoin and 2.0 for Ethereum.
    We believe that the GTB, which provides a “consensus economy” solution for the global economy and represents the “blockchain 3.0 era”, will have a future market valuation of US$1 trillion!

The future of GTB ideal in the public chain world must be open, transparent, fair and just, and the endless community of public trust. Only such a colorful and endless community of public chains can support a free, prosperous and powerful “consensus economy.”